mPole Pole Dancing Studios Presents Miss mPole 2019

Miss mPole is open to all levels from beginners through to advanced pole dancers, but solely offered to current mPole students (having completed a class at mPole in the last 6 months). Miss mPole offers entrants a safe and welcoming environment to take their first tastes of competitive pole dancing, and develop into some of the finest pole dancers in the Newcastle area.

Miss mPole is a pole dancing competition with specific move requirements for each level, keeping competitors focused on their goals and striving to exceed their own expectations. Breaking from traditional competition format, no on-site Judging will happening, Judging is taken off site, where mPole's Princpal Instructor Leeanne Taylor will prepare a full page report for each performer, looking for technical brilliance but also showmanship and personality on stage.

This will help our performers shape themselves into the individual Pole Dancers they will become. Entrants will receive their feedback based on their execution of moves, lines, fluidity and presence on stage, rather than the difficulty of pole moves performed. All Miss mPole competitors will all receive a tiara and gift pack to recognize their hard work and commitment, not to mention a full repprt of constructive feedback from the princpal Instructor.

This encouraging, fun and welcoming environment is the perfect chance for entrants to build confidence on stage and showcase their skills in front of not only their pole family, but also friends and family who may not typically be able to see their pole work.

This year we have more categories than ever, with 3 individual sections - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced, but we have included Doubles/Groups, Ribbons, Silicon & Other (Floor) & will be awarding 5 sashes on the nigh to acknowledge outstanding achievements as they happen.